To be missed by your fans is a good way of proving that you that you are very lovable. YouTuber Faith Mngometulu aka Mrs Skeel has taken to her instagram stories to admit that she hasn’t be the best to her fans and asked for her fan’s input regarding the content of her channel. “I have been a bad girl, what do you want to see on our channel?” reads her story.

Her inspirational, lifestyle, faith and edutainment channel is what keeps her 1.3k subscribers glued to her channel since 2014. It been three months since she last updated her channel and one fan couldn’t miss the opportunity to vents out how dearly he has missed the youtuber.

“Mrs Skeel tivete nkosiyami Mngometulu, sesidze sikhatsi mbembe.”

Yooh girl, you got a good thing going on here, don’t spoil it!

Come on now Mrs Skeel, give the people what they want doll!!!