Messianic Empire, a record label in collaboration with Endlini kaGogo, The Hand of Mercy and Grace foundation to bring out a remarkable single, in which they also partnered with Swazi Swag Records, to honor His Majesy King Mswati III.

A promotional video of the song was posted on Twitter, and has attracted the eyes of a number of Emaswati, as well as other people outside the Kingdom.

The track is a birthday gift to Bayethe and the Messianic empire has gathered 8 upcoming artists within the country; Prudence Lemonade, Sancheziey, T-Star, Kritical Prorata, Pitro, Lelo and Ibozza to work on this lovely track. The single is set to be released in December.

We always love and appreciate fresh new sounds more especially during the festive season. Looks like this Dezember is gonna be lit… Be on the look out for this track which is going to be amazing….