Local podcaster Mcola lohlebako is well known for his jokes on social media and most people love him for his hilarious tales based on real life events and the way he imitates radio personlities.

Mcola took to Facebook to express his disappointment at the outfits worn to the Jumbo dinner which took place last Saturday night.

On his video he starts off by greeting all the attendees  of the Jumbo dinner then went to comment that he should be consulted next time there’s such an event, so he may assist in the selection of outfits worthy of an event of that magnitude. Because what was presented just didn’t cut it!

” kunedress lengiybonile iphuphuma boya ngatsi feather duster, lenye i colorful ngats timphahla  tase Hawaii. Indzaba yemake up ke angfun nekungena kuyo ngoba ibuhlungu kakhulu. Labanye ngatsi bayentiwe bo Make-up artist bebaphetswe libhabhalaz.”

Mcola further commented on how people were awarded at the dinner saying ‘people became celebs over night’, but the million dollar question is who voted for them, there was never a mention about any nominations or open voting lines earmarked for the Jumbo dinner.

He he he he, Mcola has got no chill shame!!!

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