South African musician Makhadzi, has put her ex-manager Rita Dee under fire for her shady enterprise dealings and has accused her of attempting to steal her wealth and royalties. Matrokisi hitmaker is currently trending and desperately exhausted of the ongoing drama between herself and her former manager.

Makhadzi managed to fly out of Rita’s Nest however it looks like she’s not utterly free from her former supervisor. On Sunday the singer once more took to her Twitter to cry out for assistance.

She Tweeted: “The only thing I did was to ask my ex-manager for my money for my previous album Amatorokisi, and money for my royalties. What she did was claim my money and delete all videos from Youtube, including Riyavenda which garnered 10 million views and Amatrokisi which received 8 million views, I didn’t get a cent from my album.


We hope everything goes well and she continues to make good music.