The John vulgate song has been everyone’s cup of tea these days, with dance challenges flooding our newsfeeds. But for young local YouTuber/ Poet Nomcebo It’s quite different. The 22-year-old shared a video of herself reciting a poem dressing down women’s ‘nasty’ behaviour.

She stated how women backstab each other, wear revealing clothes, use muti to lure rich men (ema blesser) and how some wreck marriages not thinking for a second how the children suffer from these broken marriages. The poet did not leave any stone unturned regarding the appalling women’s behaviors across society nowadays.

“He he he. kona nasatsi, “nine banibita ngetitoko batsi bucopho betincondvo tenu abusebenti nani niyavuma niyashikita, nemambala vele abusebenti, nipakishe mahhala…”

Watch the video below to listen to the poem.