About Kingdom XLR

Founded by Tha Lution, XLR Media trading as Kingdom XLR is a groundbreaking youth-led media powerhouse that consists of music, compilation, journalistic reviews, and news outlets among more. Their aim is to promote an educated, informed, and diverse
civil society by supporting high-quality engaging content and services created,
developed, executed by diverse talent at all levels and capacities, and
delivered across multiple platforms.

Kingdom XLR Music Compilation

Kingdom XLR Music Compilation further serves as a platform for the best music makers and instrumentalists to network with their preferred artists for their sound while it assists musicians to discover new beatmakers and instrumentalists in the Kingdom of Eswatini. Listen to #KingdomXLR​ Season 01 Episode 010 featuring the best of eSwatini talent.


01. Me Time – File 10 (Prod. Me Time) (01:14​)
02. Alex Muti – Noise (ft. Able Kein, Me Time, M.Triggerson, Lord Jury) (Prod. Alex Muti) (02:30​)
03. BluuJay – Step Back (ft. Sean Cast) (07:40​)
04. Liz Harris x Chaboy – Wamuhle (Prod. Liz Harris) (10:50​)
05. Gxlden XIdie – Swoosh (Prod. Gxlden XIdie) (15:45​)
06. Paige – We Up (16:20​)
07. SWA THE LAST – Mine (Prod. JPM DaProbeat) (19:10​)
08. Esco Wxldwide – Bred One/Close Friends (Prod. AMARII) (23:10​)
09. Devin Dee – Onyx (Prod. Devin Dee) (28:53​)
10. Art Of Rhetoric – Zero (ft. Venacio Famous, Spokesman) (Prod. ArthuR) (30:32​)
11. Def Wood$ – It Don’t Matter (Prod. Cmar) (34:43​)
12. R4GE – FriEND (ft. SVSHV) (36:56​)
13. Rendition – Camps Bay (Prod. Rendition) (42:04​)
14. Maliq – Episode 1 (Prod. Retla Evitan) (43:11​)
16. AMARII – Root Of All Evil (Prod. AMARII) (44:44​)
17. Celumusa – Buhle Buyeza (ft. Qibho Intalektual) (Prod. DJ Navie) (47:31​)