Philani Mpanza posted this picture of himself wearing a Scottish attire that got us wondering if this might mean what we think it means or just a lucky guy enjoying his time overseas.


Reading through the comments and the post it looks like he’s just having fun with the outfit and means nothing really. But it would make for a great inspiration. Knowing how these creative guys work – this will surely make it into one of his designs in the not so distant future. Utawutsi ngasho!

P.S. if you are out of touch with Swazi fashion then let me skul you J Sgonian Republik (SR) is one of THE top Swazi originating brands that yours truly is madly inlove with. Click here for some background of this brand – you’re welcome and no! we were not paid for this, we just love anything that screams Swazi and high quality.

Check out some few examples of SR’s clothing below