It has been a whirl wind since Zama cried tears of joy as Proverb announced that she is the 16th winner of the Idols SA competition. Well now that she has won the grand prize, she reveals the person she is celebrating with.

It is none other than her fellow Idols contestant Brandon Dhludhlu who was eliminated after getting into the top three.

The former Idols contestant revealed to the Sowetan that the two are indeed in a relationship and have been dating since June 2020.

“We are dating and we started dating in theatre week before the show even started playing on TV. It’s been months now but people will think we [just] started to date now,”

Brandon also talked about how the competition affected their relationship.

“It was so scary to be in the competition with her because I was so scared of her because she was one of the strongest contestants in season 16. But I love her. So we spoke about the fact that it’s a competition and we are not going to let it get in the way of our relationship.”
Although they have been dating for only six months it seems thing are already getting serious as their parents have already met.
The parents got on like a house on fire, It was so beautiful and I feel like everything just happened so fast because now our families know each other. It was like I was paying lobola – but I wasn’t,”
Ncoo….they are such a cute couple, don’t you agree?