Somizi Mhlongo-Motaung and Vusi Nova celebrated their 16th anniversary this past weekend and they did it in true friendship style. Vusi Nova has shown what a dope friend he is as he helped his dear friend secure his bags.

Yesterday Somizi wrapped up his chef’s tour and had Vusi by his side. As you may now know, the “chef” embarked on a month-long cooking tour at a restaurant in Pretoria called Cofi Brooklyn, where he serves his favorite meals from his cookbook ‘I Am Not A Chef.’

He shared snaps of a he and best friend of 16 years, enjoying a few sundowners, to later being busy counting up his books and pushing sales. In one of the posts, the entertainer shared cozy snaps of the two of them and captioned them, “16 years and going strong looks like this.”


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Somizi is not only overwhelmed by the love from his friend, but also the massive support he gets from his fan base. He shared that his small idea of starting a pop up restaurant, became so massive that his fan base has grown, “What started as a small idea for a pop up restaurant Look at God
I’m. lost for words…it can only be love from my frans not fans frans.”


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Last week, Somgaga revealed that Vusi Nova had promised him a vacation every two weeks for this year, “We promised each other that 2021 we are doing vacations every 2 weeks…so far so good…..bestiecation.”

They went exploring the breathtaking nature of Swaziland before making a stop to Pretoria. Somgaga is set on creating memories with Vusi, “happiness and living lives between me and him. Memories for life @vusinova1,” he said in an Instagram post.

Despite setting out a disclaimer that they are just friends, fans as well as trolls, stay meddling in his marriage with Mohale Motaung. Even though they have never addressed any of the rumours of a rocky marriage, actions do indeed speak louder than words.

Irregardless of any hostility between Somizi and Mohale, he is always wearing his wedding ring. This was pointed out by a fan who gave him a pat on the back for doing such. The fan wrote, “I love that in spite of all the challenges in your marriage, you did not take off your ring. In addition, you chose to be dignified and focus your energies on being happy surrounding yourself with friends instead of cheating. That is power and strength.”

Now, Somgaga would tell concerned fans like this where to get off but he instead replied with the words “thank you.”

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