On Wednesday evening rapper Gigi LaMayne and her team, through vehicle tracker managed to find their car, a Hyundai H1 after it was hijacked.

She took to social media to announce that they we hijacked and that she got out of the car they were travelling with and ran with her mobile phone.

“My team and I have just been hijacked. H1 JG 75 TF GP Hyundai 2019. Please keep a look out. That’s why I have my phone. I just got out and I ran with my phone. I know it wasn’t the safest thing to do.”  she wrote.


A few hours later, she informed her fans that the vehicle had been found. Detailing the horrific experience, Gigi said that the guy wanted to rape her as punishment for throwing her phone into the bush. “He wanted to rape me as punishment for throwing my phone into the bush. Take the car broer. Just leave me intact.” She told him to take the car and ran away.