We are tired of seeing our beautiful Swazi sisters struggle to rock the neon blue, green, pink etc. braids. I mean, some of these sisters even bear a look of regret on their faces because the hair did not turn out the way it should have. Well, we are here now to help you find the perfect neon color braids to suit your skin tone.

When drawing inspiration from your favorite celebrities, try to choose people with similar skin and eye colour to yours. It’ll give you a much better idea of how the hair colour will look on you in the end.

Research all the shades that are available in the colour you want. Check to see if it will balance your skin tone.

For example, turquoise long braids are a perfect match for Amanda Black’s beautiful dark skin tone. If you’re dark and were in doubt about bright colours, try out the different ombré, this is it!

Source: Instagram – amandablacksa

The lighter your skin tone, the more choices you have with bright shades. Rorisang’s skin is a brilliant match for pink. When choosing fibre, don’t be too nervous about the contrast with your hair colour.

Source: Instagram – rorisangt

Try out these tips and drop us a comment with your pick and let us see your look!

Source: Women24.com