Hip-hop rapper Emtee took to twitter to throw some shade at fellow musos Blaq Diamond and called them irrelevant in the process.

Blaq Diamond was and still is the hottest act in the country and they proved it by snatching the¬†number 1 spot on the MTV’s Hottest New Wave list for 2021. Not only that, but they are on every relevant radio station, their songs especially their banger Summer Yomuthi keeps people on the dance floors and they are topping charts left right and centre. They have a fairly good catalogue but rapper Emtee does not seem to thinks so.

From the moment¬†Blaq Diamond rose to fame, Emtee has always bad mouthed the duo to the point where many thought he was jealous of their success. Recently, he had a Q ‘n A session with his followers who wanted to know more about his forthcoming album, Logan.

When a fan suggested that people need a collaboration from the two, he quickly squashed the suggestion and said “over my dead body.”