Big Zulu is on everyone’s lips at the moment, all thanks to his latest hit Imali Eningi which features Riky Rick and Intaba Yase Dubai. His success is massive and his music is topping the charts hence the frenzy.

Read: Cassper Nyovest Gives Imali Eningi His Stamp of approval

The success of his single is so loud, however the silence from many of the celebrities is louder. This was pointed out by radio and television presenter DJ Sbu who simply said many celebrities are jealous of Big Zulu’s success.

Well not entirely all, Cassper Nyovest has given Zulu his stamp of approval for the massive hit. And it might also be because Zulu referenced his hit to Tito Mboweni in his verses, but apart from that, little to  no other rappers have given Big Zulu his flowers.

A Twitter user pointed out that not many people congratulated Big Zulu so he asked, “Mara why are south African celebrities not doing the #ImaliEningichallenge? Just to show support nyana ku @BigZulu_ZN?” a question which DJ Sbu responded by saying, “Abanye banomona (Some of them are jealous).”

Well all thanks to the challenge, the song and music video’s views sky rocketed to an impressive 1.1 million views in just one week. His music video was uploaded on YouTube about a week ago and it has already garnered more than 1.1 million views. It is also currently the biggest song in Mzansi sitting comfortably at the number 1 spot in a number of local charts.

Oh come on guys…just give the man his flowers, he deserves them.