Just an hour ago the skillful Disc Jockey posted about the blood (and we assume he’s talking about the blood of Jesus). I think he woke up singing that old time gospel song and felt to share with his fans, who  early liked it and presumably sang along.

…and yet it flowed for me. (wipes tears in worship  )

Truth wena Karly none of us is worthy of the blood.

When you think about DJ’S the last thing you would think is their spiritual life not that I’m judging mara nje I thought ba right lapha kuma turn tables. Karly B is not ashamed of his “Born again Christian status” – is always vocal about it. Mark that, we are all Christians laKagogo but there is the word “born again” as a prefix. Akatsintsi, Akatsintfwa.

Loving the ownership of true self!

Awu mfowethu to God be the Glory brada!