Let’s all just take a moment out of our busy every day routine to admire the multi award winning artist and Swaziland’s pride, Sandziso Matsebula. These snaps were shot in Zanzibar off the coast of Tanzania,on his recent trip there, courtesy of #Let’sGoZanzibar. Sands, as he is popularly known, was there to perform at the Busara Festival and host his own Sands Beach Party. The Swazi hearthrob shared some snaps on Twitter that left us salivating and swooning over his fine self.  Thank you Sands for qualifying to be our #ManCrushEveryday!

Sands out here looking like wealth and having fun in the ocean.

Yes love, solo nguye lobrothers, looking all kinds of yummy adorning an African style turban.

Sands taking some time out to take a selfie with MTN SWAMA President, Melusi ‘Zox’ Dlamini.


Ladies, what do you think? Maybe we should all head to Zanzibar right about now, right? Lol! Drop us a comment and let us know!