Rapper Cassper Nyovest is riding the amapiano wave hard and it has some of his supporters questioning if he is done with Hip Hop music. His latest single ‘Siyathandana’ has even netted the artist his first number 1 hit on radio, something which he never accomplished as a hip hop artist before.

Lately, SA Hip Hop has been a “hot topic” on social media with people saying the genre is dead. This ignited a huge discussion on whether or not the Hip Hop artists are doing a good enough job to keep the genre alive or they need Cassper to come back and shake the game up.

The reason Cassper switched from Hip Hop to the Yanons is because he feels as though there is no gatekeeping in the genre, as compared to Hip Hop. “The one thing I love about Amapinao is that there are no gatekeepers. Ha gona bosso (there is no boss). It’s either your song is hot or it’s not.” he once said

He also stated how he tried to run away from the Amapiano hype but he just couldn’t, “Guys , I love amapiano!!!! I keep trying to run but it’s calling me. And the love there is amazing, so much respect. I am a person who loves the streets, I am tired of the drama in the hip hop genre,” he wrote.

There’s always been politics in Hip Hop and that is one of the reasons that made Cassper want to step back from the genre. He has been dissed countless times, people saying he’s not a good rapper and that he is whack. Clapping back, he cracked-up at the state of the genre currently, hinting that it is without doubt suffering.