Congregants of Yonder Worship Center came together, to show how much they appreciate their patriarch in what could only be described as one of the most considerate gestures ever.

The love that Yonder Worship Center family has for their patriarch Apostle Bakhe knows no boundaries, they spoilt him with a surprise birthday party in celebration of his 36th birthday.

The author of Gospel Literature and motivational speaker took to Instagram to express his gratitude to the congregants for the beautiful yet unanticipated birthday celebration.

“Thanks to the saints at church for the surprise birthday celebration. I wasn’t prepared. Had preached, was exhausted and ready to go, then Bam what a pleasant surprise. It’s such a privilege for me to pastor you amazing people. God bless you”. Ncooah, this is so heartwarming.

It is absolutely certain that the father of two is a fave amongst his church members and the public at large, as a lot of well-wishes poured in.