Two days ago, the two DJs had the rape charges against them withdrawn. Fresh and Euphonik posted identical statements stating that the Chief Prosecutor, dismissed the allegations on the basis that they are without merit.

It looks like their troubles are far from over though. On top of being dragged on social media for various reasons, another woman has come out with allegations against the celebrated personalities. The lady who goes by the Twitter handle, @TheKingsTings says she has been aware that DJ Fresh is a predator since she was in late high school. She is ready for the two DJs who are also best friends to come for her. What caught the attention of many, is when she mentioned that she has living proof to back up her claims. Could there be a child in the whole saga?

I hope they come for me. Cause I have the institutional backing (and also living proof to back it up) but I’ve been aware of DJ Fresh as a predator since I was in late high school. I just didn’t have the language to call it rape then,” she said.

Thrill Scott-Heron also said that she is aware DJ Fresh follows her on Twitter, hence he is free to go ahead and sue her. Putting it all out there, she said there are many women who are DJ Fresh’s victims, some of which gave birth as a result of the abuse. As for Euphonik, Scott-Heron called him out for his “we used to beat each other up“, statement.

This is a developing story!