The South African Amapiano Awards (SAAPA) got a lot of attention on social media recently with many anticipating the award show, but it seems that there is drama behind the scenes as a different organization has claimed the founder, DJ Qness,  stole the concept for the show.

The legal representatives of the Amapiano Awards — not to be confused with the South African Amapiano Awards — have sent a cease and desist letter to DJ Qness to not go ahead with the much-anticipated award ceremony as they allege that he stole the concept from their client.

In response to these claims, DJ Qness says that he first found out about this matter on social media and feels that the claims and allegations are baseless.

The DJ went on to say that despite the claims made by the legal representative and award show, he was still looking to go forward with the South African Amapiano Awards in October this year.