Every now and then yours truly will take a peek at national news and just my luck because on this day I happened to read the story about a goat that broke an elderly’s leg (akabe ncesi umuntfu lomdzala). If you don’t know the story then get the newspaper first before coming here – utoschazisa intfo lengapheli yat

So popular entertainment guru bhut Melusi Zox Nxumalo  ignited a light convo on his FB wall when he said the goat must be caught and devoured.

My first thought was, Too soon…maybe..mara as I read the post I found myself getting ideas of what must really be done to the goat

It was like he had opened a can of worms as people jumped in the conversation and presented their own ideas on what must be done to the goat.  Bottom line, imbhuti ayidliwe.

On a serious note, we hope Gogo recovers xm.