A few days ago, Zola 7’s friends dismissed claims that he is severely ill. However it has been reported by City Press that his management team has started a crowdfunding initiative to help pay for his medical bills.

The legendary Kwaito star, whose real name is Bonginkosi Dlamini, has been living with chronic epilepsy. He spoke about this at length with Mac G on his Podcast And Chill interview. The episode was a special one as it aired in multiple cinemas around the country.

“I lost a lot of weight over the past year. I was extremely sick, I was home and I was shaking. Everybody around me was scared I was going to die. I couldn’t eat well. I was eating Mageu, porridge and Fish.

“Nowadays I have to take medication twice a day just to get by. I was very sick during that song (with Cassper) and I think we did about 25 cuts. I was fighting to look normal, but I wasn’t. I was extremely very sick during that video.”
Zola 7 said everybody around him was very scared because of his illness. After his diagnosis, he has been relying on heavy medication to survive. He suffered two attacks whilst on the road driving and one resulted in a serious accident. He had since taken a decision to never be behind the wheel again.
His management team says although he is high-spirited, the icon is not having it easy as the medical bills are piling up. So they have turned to the public for help by asking for assistance when it comes to medical bills.