zoe genesis

Song bird Zoe Genesis recently came out to clarify the ongoing rumor on social media that she is pregnant! Well is she?

In an interview with KrTC of Hiphop on DTTV she stated that it’s the good life that’s making her look pregnant.

The KrTC’s co-host started the line of questioning by picking up from what Zowe said;

“Speaking of something new, should you or should I?”

she looks at KrTC for a nod but before he responds she continues to ask Zoe how the rumors about her pregnancy started.

KrTC jumps in before she even responds to state his confusion on why people would even think of such a thing about Zoe,

“…I don’t understand because to be pregnant you need to have sex and  Zoe…”

he says but doesn’t finish off that line.

Instead Zoe finishes it off for him boldly;

 “I don’t have sex”

she says as she looks at the camera. “What’ you talkin’ about?” she continues looking half serious and half smiling.

Come now people! Live the girl alone, she is just in a happy space, she is genuinely happy, she is surrounded by people that make her happy and her heart is opened. So the appetite is opened and has just gained some weight. She is NOT pregnant. – her words not ours.

Zoe Pic: Sourced from Instagram (photo credit @shaun_desousa)