Zodwa Wabantu has officially announced the return of her popular reality show, Zodwa Wabantu: Uncensored, which airs on Moja Love. The reality series documents Zodwa’s scandalous life, filled with baes, business and plenty of drama!

In an Instagram post shared on her account, Zodwa can be seen sitting at a table with her bae and what looks like the producers of the reality show. She left us wondering whether her new Ben 10 will be part of the show but it would be interesting to see their love life documented on TV.


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 The first season of the reality show caused outrage on social media after the reality show star was accused of making homophobic comments.

She said gays think they have vaginas and her comments landed her in hot water, “Gays are silly because they are fighting with women. Name one gay who has never fought with a woman in the industry. Their problem is that gays are convinced that they have vaginas, while they have penises. We accommodate you guys because you wear make-up and when we, as women, talk about men you’re always there contributing to the conversation.” she said

Social media users created a petition calling for her show to be cancelled. The second season returned and it was a major success and we look forward to the upcoming season.

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