In a recent interview on XLR Tape, the talented songstress enlightened us on what her song is really about. Zinia stated that she wanted to help females not to feel enslaved to a person they claim to feel strongly for because that’s not how love’s supposed to be.

”I wanted the listeners, specifically the females who are in bad relationships to know that they are worthy, much more than just being somebody’s “weekend special” and that they deserved to be loved fully” she said

The songstress further unfolded that love is a two-way thing, you can’t force yourself in a relationship where you are not wanted.

“Love is not just sexual contact, it’s much more than that, and it’s time for appreciation and much more. Love is a two Way Street!

Yah neh…its loud and clear sis, we hope all the ladies will heed to this advice!!!

Listen to the song below.