In fancy words they call it Yoni steaming and popular YouTuber Summer Mavuso did it live while she told a story about how a man gave her E7k.

She pulls out the concoction for the steaming and the bowl she will use. We then see the boiled concoction in the bowl ready for her to sit on it.

Then we see her sitting on it just like that. Ha! Ha! Ha!

This thing feels like someone is blowing…like doing this….hooooooooo, like blowing hot air up my vagina” and then she laughs.

Then video cuts to story time and while asicocela inganekwane yendvodza yemali she is sitting on top of the bowl the entire time.

Ay mara Summer Hhay cha! Kon nakasatsi,

“It feels like I am in a Sonar for my vagina”

Wuuuu! Claps twice!

Buyisa sistas nami ngizame if it really helps with period pains and the likes.

Watch the entire video below