Unlike most public figures who prefer to keep their lives outside work private, you tuber LaMaziya has decided to break the norm by open privy with her intimate affairs, more especially her pregnancy journey.

She says she began feeling unwell during the international trade fair and upon consultation, with her doctor, it was later confirmed that she was pregnant. She goes on to say that this new piece of information came as a total shock to her! Her family however was elated at the good news.

My family, husband, and kids were thrilled about my pregnancy, except me. I just felt overwhelmed with the entire thing, I think it took me a good two-three weeks to finally let it sink in and fully accept it!” she said.

As she was adjusting to the changes that were happening to her body the unexpected happened, LaMaziya was suddenly hit by a series of unusual ailments such as low blood count, asthma attacks, and bed bug bites. This progressed until the last trimester of her pregnancy. She described this period as being the most trying and hardest because none of the previous pregnancies were like this one.

” I just couldn’t wait to reach the finish line, the thought of delivering my baby was music to my ears”.  Lo and behold, I didn’t have to wait that long as my baby came early, I was rushed into theatre for an emergency c- section. I really didn’t enjoy this though it was quite a horrific experience actually, I thought I was dying”, she confessed.

Further describing her birthing experience, She says at somepoint during the process she became breathless couldn’t very breathe well! “I had to constantly yank at the doctor and frustratedly say ” I can’t breathe, I’m dying”.