DJ Uncle Waffles has had a tougher time in the public eye, particularly on social media, ever since she got famous earlier this year. And now it is getting worse, as Young Stunna is getting accused of trying to sabotage her success.

For some reason, perhaps the fact that she is young and making it so big internationally, Uncle Waffles’ success has rubbed many tweeps the wrong way. The result of this is that at least once a week, she is dragged mercilessly online.
But the slander doesn’t normally gather as much steam as it did this time. And influencer Karabo Mokgoko went online to shed light on the situation. She said that she knew for a fact that there had been a paid hate campaign against the young Dj.
One tweep came in to ask whether the owner of the song had hired them, and others are agreeing that it would be the most logical conclusion. Uncle Waffles went viral as she was playing the song Adiwele by Young Stunna, and in many subsequent viral videos that have emerged, she was seen playing the same song too.
Fans have been speculating that she is getting more fame from the song than the artist got, and it could be a motive for him to try to bring her down. It makes sense that they came to that conclusion, as Young Stunna is mostly low key.
Source: zalebs