The Uncle Waffles slander is getting a bit too hectic as tweeps are slamming the DJ for either playing the same song all the time or not even spinning the decks as she is always dancing. Now, some are taking it too far by saying she is fumbling Young Stunna’s bag because Adiwele belongs to him.

Uncle Waffles first burst into fame when she performed Adiwele for a packed crowd and looked sizzling whilst doing it. Ever since ten her fans want her to recreate that very moment and for a while it seemed cute but tweeps are growing tired of her.

A tweep posted a video of her performing Adiwele for the umpteenth time and many are wondering if this might be a ploy to sabotage her. People who have been to her sets are advocating for her saying she does play other songs and does know how to spin the decks.

But this also made more suspicious asking if she pre-mixes her sets so she can dance during them.

Either way, Uncle Waffles is getting major bookings as people want to experience her live. For the rest of them, they can continue talking.

Here are the reactions:

Image credit: Instagram

Source: zalebs