Hello Swaziland!!!!. It’s a Friday today and there’s no other day as refreshing as Fridays;everybody is in that “Friday vibe” mood. Some of us will be turning up this weekend, not even bad weather can kill our vibe. For those who have difficulty in choosing the right outfit for a night out ┬ádon’t ┬ábeat yourself up on that hun, Gcwala99 has your back. Always choose an outfit that’ll allow you to be confident, comfy and still look fabulous.

You’d be surprised how a simple pair of jeans stylishly paired with a tee and shoes of your choice would make you look classic, without even trying too hard. Here a jeans, stylish t-shirt celeb inspired choices that you can try out tonight.

Torn Jeans

Source: Urgal Zee Instagram


Show some flesh..

Source: Coralee Instagram


Tucked in

Source: Tiitiee Instagram


With heels

Source: Lando Kuhle Instagram



Source: SoundSymphony Facebook

Which of these looks would you like to try out?