The late Mshoza was also known for being equivocal over different cosmetic procedures and short lived romances among other things. But her music is the legacy she now lives behind;

Here are some of her trending songs;

1. Abantu Bam. Mshoza did an exceptional job in the production of this track. The acapella intro will blow your socks off. This is one of her best songs, having reached 526 000 views that it received since its upload onto YouTube in 27th October 2016.

2. Mshoza featuring Mzambiya- Kortes the combination of these great talents significantly contributed to its success. The song from the album Bulldawgz First Lady, has a beautiful rhythm that makes anyone fall in love with it immediately. Since it was uploaded onto YouTube it garnered more than 240 000 views.

3. Ayina Chorus this is undoubtedly one of Mshoza’s song for 2018 that got many people talking about her musical prowess. The intro is do captivating and full of suspense with the beat being amazing too. This track received more than 166 000 views on YouTube when uploaded 9th October 2020.


4. True love ( feat. DJ Bongz ) as one of Mshoza old songs true love featuring Bongz is a song for lovebirds that you instantly love with as its such an amazing love song. Received more than 142 000views when uploaded on the 19th December 2014.


5. Hlaba Lingene this is another song that made a significant impact on many fans. The creative approach in which the late music sage composed the song is powerful. Since it’s upload to the YouTube channel on the 15th June 2017, it garnered more than 47 000 views.