SK Khoza’s career is the bag and he is securing himself with his acting role on The Ferguson’s latest action-packed Netflix series ‘King’s Of Joburg’ and now his life is also moving onto the next level.
Sk broke things off with his former actress girlfriend Pabee Moganedi and now things have been heating up in Khoza’s love life again since the cat came out of the bag and he showed off the new leading lady in his life Mandy Hlongwane.

Although known for his bad-boy character not to mention his public scandals with other women, SK has found true love and he is whipped by his new love interest to say the very least. Mandy who is a dentist and more importantly a very private person, said yes and SK couldn’t wait to reveal the exciting news. Khoza revealed in an Instagram post that he proposed to Mandy and she has said yes beginning a new chapter with him.

SK posted the 37-minute-long video on his Instagram that began with SK talking about his work and thanking his fans for voting for him to be the best male actor at the KZN Entertainment Awards. A little while later he was joined by Mandy who was preoccupied with her cell phone until SK got down on his knee. Even though the actor didn’t vocalize his proposal for us to hear, we saw Mandy’s emotions escalated from zero to a hundred very quickly.

The actor also shared the amazing news by captioning the video claiming that their families are soon to be one. “KHOZA AND HLONGWANE ARE NOW SOON TO BE ONE” Khoza wrote. A teary Mandy couldn’t contain her emotions and needed a moment off camera to take a breather from the emotions that took over her when SK asked her to be his wife.


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Congrats to the lovely couple and we can’t wait to see them tie the knot officially.