Vusi Nova is definitely amongst the many celebrities who always know how to keep people talking, whilst teaching them how to mind their own business. He has always been attacked by trolls who always question his sexuality but his best friend Somizi always comes to his defense.

Vusi is never one to defend himself nor address the rumors but his subtle clap backs here and there are lethal. Recently, Vusi has revealed the love of his life and as expected, people flooded his comments section with nasty comments.

A woman with the social media handle @asnobwithablog was celebrating her birthday recently and amongst the many people who wished her a happy birthday was the Yibanathi hitmaker. “Happy birthday to the love of my life,” wished Vusi and accompanied the message with a heart.

In his Insta stories, he expressed excitement when he met her for her special day by saying, “love of my life has arrived.” In response to the sweet message, the woman thanked Vusi by saying, “Thank you my sweetie pie. Love you always and forever my babe.”


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Well, guess y’all been wrong about Vusi.