Tik Tok is one of the biggest platforms that houses challenges on a daily bases. Anyone can say anything that the internet deems funny and worth imitating and boom, we’re in business!

This is what actor, singer, dancer and all-round entertainer, Somizi Mhlongo did with the recently viral Babes Wodumo clip.

What was a sensitive topic for some, and very light-hearted for others, turned into a debate on social media after Babes Wodumo came out guns blazing to drag single mothers whose baby daddies do not pay maintenance.

Sending out a scathing message to some of her audience who were questioning why she ingests alcohol while she is breastfeeding her baby boy (Sponge Wodumo) who is just about a month old, the Gqom’ Queen lashed out. Babes Wodumo wanted to make it clear that despite what many might think of her, she got married first then she had a baby, so people should not compare themselves to her.

Completely unbothered by her utterances which definitely ruffled feathers, she went on to ask young women why they gave birth at a young age.

The SomG took to Tik Tok to troll Babes by inaacting her viral video. He had the hair, the beanie, robe, attitude, nails (funniest part of the clip for some) and the dance moves as well.

Watch the video below: