SABC is taking extreme measures to ensure that SABC 1,s Uzalo is on the point. This is to ensure that they gain back the millions of viewers they lost because of their “boring” storylines.

Late last month, Sunday World revealed that the drama telenovela is skating on thin ice with the broadcaster after losing more than 2.6 million viewers in a short space of time.

SABC instructed Uzalo’s team to go back to the drawing board and come up with a more interesting storyline or face getting canned. Their dwindling viewership came as a shock to the top management of the SABC, as Uzalo is known as the most viewed telenovela in the country after breaking their own record in April when they achieved a stunning 11.4 million viewers.

The Broadcast Research Council of South Africa revealed that Uzalo’s viewership dropped dramatically to an all time low of 8.8 million viewers.

The broadcaster reckons that there is a direct correlation between the low salaries and the poor performance by the actors. “Yes, there are issues with Uzalo because of its dwindling numbers and the complaints we received from viewers who said the storyline was now boring. We urged the producers to come up with creative storylines to rescue the soapie because it was important to the SABC. Another thing we emphasized was that actors need to be paid decent salaries for their work,” said the SABC executive to Sunday World.