Sunglasses or should we say “shades” are one of the biggest and most trending fashion these days. We are not just talking about any sunglasses here, we are talking about vintage sunglasses; your mirrored sunglasses, aviator sunglasses, you name them. Most of our Swazi celebs have been spotted rocking these kind of glasses in town and socialite Tiitee Mcbubbles who owns an almost unlimited collection takes the crown. Hun don’t get us wrong but if you don’t own even one or at least two of these sunglasses then we don’t know which rock you’ve been living under. Check out these Tiitee Mcbubbles Sunglasses that we can’t get over.

1. Sizzling….

2. Mmmh!

3. Are those crocodiles???

4. Cat-eye sunglasses always leave a statement…

5. Yummy!!

6. Selfie moments….

7. Are you talking to me??

8. Red looks fine on you girl!

9. Tiitee served flames in these ocean blue sunglasses

10. #Slayage

Source: Tiitee Mcbubbles Instagram

What? Didn’t we warn you that she is the ultimate Queen of shades?