Tiwi runs her own vintage brand Formerly known as Tiwi’s Closet, Maverikz has been Gondwe’s baby and brainchild since 2011. Those who have followed her journey, know that Tiwi’s Closet started as a blog and a pseudo styling service. She’s been operating in Eswatini since 2014.

With her blogs and look books, you can expect to explore fashion, places and spaces, African fashion, art, events, and much more.

The Fashionista and blogger shocked many when she recently announced that she has decided to close the online store. In a lengthy post Tiwi mentioned that even though things have not worked out the way she thought they would. she can never regret running with her dreams and ideas that’s why she can’t sell her. (business).

Saying good bye to a business and brand I have run for the last 5 years has not been easy. This is a decision I have battled with for sometime. I have made the decision to close the Maverikz online store.

Maverikz started out as Tiwi’s Closet in 2011. To be honest I just wanted to style people and vintage was something readily available to me. I fell in love with it and so did my customers. Selling vintage and second hand clothing online in eSwatini has been extremely difficult. I found that I was the first to do a lot of things in this industry and had to build a model and infrastructure for the business to work. I have learnt so much from doing this. I can’t discount all the doors that Maverikz has opened for me. The places and spaces it has taken me into.
Even though things have not worked out the way I thought they would. I can never regret running with my dreams and ideas.
Maverikz will always be my baby (that’s why I can’t sell her?) . Maverikz taught me to believe in my ability to do anything I put my mind to. I have become fearless and confident . I know all this grit will carry me forward with my upcoming projects.
The silver lining is I still get to run Maverikz although it will be exclusively through Dala Spaces. I will be keeping this operation very small and sustainable. I also get to make room to try new things and get involved in other projects. Which I can not wait to share.
If you are in eSwatini we will be selling off as much of our stock as we can. Keep your eyes on the Maverikz timeline. Everything must go.
Thank you everyone who has supported, engaged and encouraged me on this journey. There are so many people who have played a pivotal role in Maverikz . Thank you. Thank you. Thank you”
Image Source: Instagram