Fashionista and blogger Tiwi Gondwe is not keen on running Facebook ads anymore.

She’s the latest victim of cyberbullying on targeting females on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. She took to Twitter to express her disappointment on men texting her nonsense whilst she’s only trying to push her hustle.

Tiwi Gondwe, a third-culture-kid with a passion for fashion and development. She describes herself as a creative and an academic, who develops ideas and concepts for a living. Tiwi Gondwe is more than a blog; it is a journey and lifestyle brand.

With her blogs and look books, you can expect to explore fashion, places and spaces, African fashion, art, events, and much more.

Tiwi runs her own vintage brand Formerly known as Tiwi’s Closet, Maverikz has been Gondwe’s baby and brainchild since 2010. Those who have followed her journey, know that Tiwi’s Closet started as a blog and a pseudo styling service. She’s been operating in Eswatini since 2014. And we hope this doesn’t discourage her from pushing her hustle.