It is finally out guys, Sands’ Tigi music video. Following his premier on SABC 1’s Live AMP the Tigi hit maker released his long awaited Tigi music video and I couldn’t wait to see it! I must tell you, I was just beaming with pride at the music video that I totally missed what was glaringly obvious, the fact that the song and the video do not really co-relate. I can forgive that though as I felt I was literally walking the streets of Mbabane with him.


Here are a few clips from the video for those of you who are yet to see it:

  1. On top of the world

2. Shona Phansi

3. Nemajita

4. I’m feeling myself!

5. Sandla Sidvwashi?

6. Jam Session

I couldn’t help but think that perhaps the reason why the concept of the video is not what we had expected is because the Vuma video had a lady in it? Whatever the reason though, I really enjoyed it. Did you like it as much as I did? Click below to watch the full video.