There will be considerably little to no chill on Eswatini’s social media streets at this rate, because there’s a music collaboration brewing between Eswatini’s Hip-hop artist Kena and South Africa’s Award winning rapper/singer/Songwriter, Fifi Cooper featuring the amazing songstress Zinia. This track is going to set the entire music scene ablaze with all that talent infused into one!

Kena’s manager, Mpendulo Steven Ndwandwe confirmed their collaboration to gcwala99. He said fans would be jamming to the track this December.  Oh Wow, we are so looking forward to this crisp and fresh sound!!!  Also, our very own songbird Zinia will be featured on the song💃. She will handle the hook of the song to add a dash of sweet harmony with her dulcet voice. This song is entitled ‘Same day’.

This comes at an opportune moment for both Kena and Zinia who were recently nominated for the MTN Swama Awards, for best Hip-hop song of the year and best female newcomer respectively.

By the looks of things, it’s going to be an amazingly hot summer with this smash hiiit! 🔥🔥 We can already feel that the impending festive and its hotness. Flames I tell you!!!