June 2022, Malkerns – The Epic Arts and Culture Festival is to make a return in 2022. The Festival, which is aimed at children of primary school age will take place at Malkerns Country Club on 24 June 2022. Entry and participation at The Epic Arts and Culture Festival is free.

Tammy Dlamini Event Organiser comments on this event, “The aim of us running The Epic Arts and Culture Festival is to stir a passion for the industry in young children. When talent is nurtured from a young age, it is well established by the time it is ready to be shared with the world. On the day, we will give kids from various schools an opportunity to perform a piece they have prepared for the other children present. We are basically adding to their school programme on that day by giving them an opportunity to learn through play.”

Schools from around the country have been invited to participate in the festival. They will each be performing an item which the other primary school children at the event will be able to enjoy. It is anticipated that in the region of 1000 children will attend The Epic Arts and Culture Festival on 24 June. The event will also include other entertainment such as local artists, dances and kids entertainment including horse riding and jumping castles. There will also be a variety of stalls for both parents and kids to enjoy on the day. This will ensure that parents who attend will also have something to look forward to in addition to seeing their children on stage.

This year, The Epic Gig Arts and Culture Festival will also be making donations to beneficiary primary schools who need a boost to make some sort of arts and culture facility available in their learning environment.

Dlamini continues, “We would like to give these kids a platform to show what they’ve got and give their all towards developing their skills. In addition to hosting The Epic Arts and Culture Festival, we have chosen four schools to be beneficiaries of The Epic Gig Episode III. These schools will receive musical equipment, art supplies and other materials which will help them set up a functioning arts department within their schools.”

Each primary school child who performs at The Epic Arts and Culture Festival will get an opportunity to perform on a world class stage with the best sound and entertainment equipment. This will give them a real feel of what it is like to be a fully-fledged performer with a career in the arts.

Interested primary schools can contact theepicgigsd@gmail.com to enquire about the availability of performance spaces. Sponsors who would like to support this initiative can also use the same contact details. Those who would like to have a stall at The Epic Gig Episode III can also use theepicgigsd@gmail.com to enquire about available spaces and stall prices.

Dlamini concludes, “During The Epic Arts and Culture Festival, we will also be running Asikutulisane, a workshop for artists and anyone involved in the music industry in some shape or form. This workshop is aimed at growing their skills and acumen on issues relating to this industry and how they can develop themselves. All these initiatives are our way of giving back to our communities and making sure we develop our industry through skills and opportunities,”