Procrastination is a trap that many of us fall into. While it may be comforting to know that you’re not alone, it can be sobering to realize just how much it can hold you back, it can lead to reduced productivity and cause one to miss out on achieving goals. Well, The Barbie Emmy’s teaches us how to stop procrastination in three tips.

She says procrastination is the response to stress so the first tip is to know the challenges that you’ll face when completing the task. She made an example on how she procrastinated her YouTube video ‘ten day make up with Emmy’ , the YouTuber mentioned the reason she took a long time to start the challenge was because of the challenges, like what if her lashes got lost, therefore acknowledged the challenges.

Second tip is, start now and perfect it later, she stressed how it is important to start and not wait for things to be perfect, it will never be the right time but at least start be it a business or YouTube channel. For starters, she didn’t have a phone that was of good quality but she started, stop focusing on what you lack. Mentors also help to uplift one and encourage if need be.

Thirdly, the YouTuber says take a break use a shorter work span time. Take a break during the task, but do not go on social media during those breaks it destructing. This helps you to focus more

Last but not least, right down a plan. Set goals for yourself, working on smaller goals that will help you achieve the bigger goals so you do not feel worn out.

Watch full video below.