Eswatini being a cultured country, people almost dress up the same, but  the moving world of fashion and modelling has shaken the roots of eSwatini. The Xchange lounge together with Afropunk group have provided a platform for young people of eSwatini where Thapelo Gibson Dlamini was nominated to show off his talent in modelling.

Thapelo appears to be the only male nominated in the competition and it doesn’t seem like a problem to him, so we’re expecting few spins in the industry Dlamini. Afropunk group is all about ones originality and freedom of expression through make-up, cultural heritage and piercings.

The reason I was drawn to the competition is because I want to share my style, creativity and innovative ways. When I was nominated, I was ecstatic and frightened, all at the same time but all in all im happy and I appreciate the opportunity.

Catch Thapelo Gibson Dlamini and the other contestants on the Ramp at Afropunk eSwatini from 10:00am-07:00pm.