Thabile maripe

Founder of Vakasha Eswatini, Thabile Maripe wrote a message to the nearly 50,000 members of the SMA Nominated Facebook Page requesting them to take precaution during this rainy week.

As we have all observed, most parts of the kingdom have recently been experiencing a change of weather, resulting in significant volumes of rainfall ….We therefore request that VE members and their families practice extreme caution during this time, and to make it a point to check the weather forecast when planning a visit.

Members responded with great enthusiasm and thanked the Group founder for sharing the information – especially the tips from the National Disaster Management Agency.

We fully support her message as we also take the opportunity to share with all Gcwala99 readers to stay in doors, keep warm, If unaye Smashable wakho – umsondzete dvute!  and enjoy a dose of daily entertainment news from “yours truly”.

vakasha eswatini caution