He was one of my favourite sports commentator and Radio broadcasters following the late Magalela Percival Mtshali. I’m not a huge soccer fan but with “Sgi” as he was normally called,whenever he was commentating i’d listen through out the whole game on my radio until the referee blew the last whistle;he had his own way of grabbing listener’s attention and wish you were also at the stadium. Most of all we remember how he used to sing his praises masekatsi:

“Umtukulu wa S’gigamtfwalo, S’gigamtfwalo lowagiga umtfwalo wangasawutfwali watfwalwa ngu Sonkofungane. Umtukulu wa English man. Umfana lowatsatsa intfombi e Mission basala bakhala bafundisi”

Wawungakanani wena ngaletikhati leti? Aaah Madoda! We miss you S’gayoyo, where are you?




Source: www.times.co.sz