Another Thursday, another trusted throwback. This time, we go back to our childhood memories and look back on things we loved, while growing up. We dug up a few “golden oldies” from past years, which we’re sure will get you feeling nostalgic and missing the “good old days”.

Side note; if you can relate to any of these things, then you know you’re old AF right?

Cigarette Sweets

Remember when all the kids would pretend to be smoking with these sweets? Life was simple and no one worried about the sweets possibly influencing teens to take up smoking.

Multi-colored pens

This is a proper throwback; the multi-coloured pens. If you had this, then you must have been the envy of many BIC, blue pen carrying kids.

Danone Corner Yoghurt

Do you remember this one? Although it was a limited edition, the Danone corner yogurt was a firm favourite with almost every child. If it wasn’t those chocolate balls, then you could also opt for the red strawberry syrup corner! Being a kid was fun!

TDK Tapes

Do you remember the TDK tapes era? This is what the 90s teens used to “download” songs from the radio. Then every once in a while, the tape would get stuck or eaten by the radio (which was, by far, the most annoying thing to happen), then you’d have to use a pen or pencil to “rewind” or fix it.


Back in the day, we did not only drink this, we also danced to it!!! Bibo! Bibo! Awu Bibo! sing along…

Brick Game


This was the Blackberry of the thrilling days of the past years. Almost everyone had it or wanted it. The brick game was definitely a craze.


Heeee…. I remember when my brother would show off his yo-yo skills ngize ngibenemona. Mine was the Fanta one and it certainly was one of my prized possessions.

Have we taken you back in time with this throwback? Let us know how you liked it and which of these items you remember or once owned.