Right about now we would be outfit shopping for valentine parties and shows. Our personal favorite valentine events were the blind dates. Imagine finding your soul mate on the day of celebrating love. Just genius! So today we are going to throw back to a time when we could all go out and mingle.

Last year around this time we had no idea that Covid-19 would hit Eswatini. Life was as normal as it could be. We could go out on romantic dates, we could travel to other countries. Who knows? Maybe a few of us would be in Bali right now.

At least we can till book our sncandamatha’s into a few local lodges, but events have been completely closed which mean that people who just enjoy going out to meet new people will be couch potatoes this year. Vele mawungajoli usenkingeni!

We are not the only ones who have expressed how much they miss shows. Local DJ, Karly B also recently shared a post from last year February were he was hosting a live show…and captioned : ‘’we miss such experiences’’.

Here’s a few pictures to remind you guys of the good old days when we could all get together and mingle. We hope we don’t make you cry.

All we can do for now I hope that we get to experience the world the way we used to again, and to do that we need to each play our roles in curbing the virus spread. Stay safe!