It’s every fan’s dream to get in touch with their “idol” and Switch made it a dream come true for his fans. The Gospel Hip Hop sensation opened a one on one session on social media with his fans and gave them permission to ask him anything they wanted to know about him. The rapper devoted all his time on Friday just for his fans, now how cool is that? I don’t want to hide my disappointment with the fans though; I mean given the chance to ask ANYTHING but nobody asked if the rapper was dating yet? ¬†s’funukwazi Switch, LOL.

As ¬†questions kept on coming, one fan asked if the rapper is really planning on quitting music to partake fully in politics and we are sure ya’ll are eager to hear what Switch’s response was.

We are crossing our fingers that he continues to bless us with his good music. We just can’t dzeal with the idea of him quitting.


Here are other questions that Switch had to respond to.


Source: Rapperswitch Facebook

We at Gcwala99 are wondering if you are still open for more questions just like the one we asked earlier. *hides*