Summer Mavuso took to her YouTube channel to share her customer dissatisfaction encounter from a particular business lady in Eswatini. Every girl wants to look good at all times, that goes without saying. So the YouTube wanted to get her nails done and decided to call a certain nail technician who had advertised herself on Instagram. She tried calling the lady countless times but to no avail.

Upon realizing that she wasn’t taking her calls, Summer went on and texted on her WhatsApp hoping that she would get a reply but dololo. What really ticked-off the YouTuber is that, the so called nail technician was busy posting new pictures on her Instagram but not reacting to any of Summer’s attempts to reach her.

On her last effort to reach the lady, she finally picked-up and told her to book through her Instagram page, like really??? The YouTuber went on and DM’d the lady using her ‘fake’ Instagram account and STILL she never replied. Yhii makutsiwa buhle buyafelwa.

Summer then used her real account, at last, her appointment was approved BUT on the agreed date the nail technician sent her a story saying she will only be opened on the 7th of November.

“I’m so livid and I’m still kind of upset”, says Summer Mavuso.

Hehehe sorry girl, kutawlunga.

For the full story, watch the video below