When it comes to timeless, emotive dance music, no other genre comes close to the complex, irresistible style and groove of Deep House. Although the deep house industry in Swaziland is slowly making its way to the top, it takes a young deep house producer called Sukoluhle !Sooks Simelane to finally make us appreciate the talent we harbor in the country.

Under 2Lani The Warrior’s Deep Stitched Records, !Sooks, as he is popularly known, will be representing the country’s deep house community on The Producers Corner on Metro FM, Urban Beat Show. He was interviewed in relation to his come up as !Sooks in Swaziland and he was given the platform to showcase one of his fiery Deep Stitched tracks which will be released soon.


To listen to some of !Sooks greatness download here: https://antidotemusic.bandcamp.com/album/7-years-of-colour