On Sunday morning, Eswatini woke up to a footage that has had the entire country at a standstill.

A video of a male suspected to be owner of Solanis Shisanyama , Manchester Nxumalo famously known as “Chester” attacking an unknown woman, has surfaced and has left many furious.

It played out late on Saturday evening after someone took a video when the whole incident happened at the popular hangout spot. In the snippet of the video which emerged on Social media, Chester reacts in rage and attacks the woman violently.

The helpless woman can be seen rolling on the floor while patrons and customers were watching in dismay of what was happening.

Unsurprisingly, the viral footage has not been received well by the public, they have reacted with fury and there are calls of boycotting his businesses.

A number of social media users have alleged that this was not the first time such incidents of a similar nature had been committed in the place by the same person.

One Billion Rising Campaign Coordinator Colani Hlatshwako said they were calling for the arrest of “Chester” and the boycotting of his business by emaSwati.  Colani stated that it did not make sense that as women they supported businesses where there were allegations of gender based violence (GBV), people who did not have the respect for others or did not respect the rights of women.

While still on boycotting the place, an organiser of an event that was supposed to occur this coming weekend posted on twitter that the show had been cancelled due to the disturbing video alleged to be from the hang-out spot.

Watch the Video:


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